Aquador Scandinavian Heritage


Aquador 35 AQ
Elegance and comfort

With its modern exterior design and practical elegant interior, this boat signals a new direction in Aquador’s history. The Aquador design team have come up with a new look that breaks with Aquador’s design traditions, but keeps faith with the functional elegance that has been its trademark.

Inspired by Northern ingenuity

Inspired by modern Finnish architecture and the latest yacht designs, the new line is a bold, new departure, with large glass surfaces and a comfortable, light, minimalistic and functional interior. This “let nature in” design is a tribute to the Nordic traditions of living close to nature – very much in keeping with Finland’s architectural and design heritage.

Enjoy the outdoors

The superstructure’s design strongly reflects this ideology. In addition to large panoramic windows and door systems, the boat has a roof system that can be easily opened when the weather permits. The superstructure includes a new sliding door system that separates the outside from the inside area of the aft deck. This door system can be quickly opened, linking the interior and exterior space to form a single, large social area for relaxation and entertainment. With just a few, simple moves, the internal and external sofas and tables can be arranged to form one large dining area. A smart new metal frame structure system is integrated into the superstructure of the wheelhouse, to provide a design of rock-solid quality.

Solutions which stand out

The driver’s area is enhanced by an elegant, flush-mounted sliding door to the area starboard of the driver, providing an additional exit/entry. This is highly practical when the boat is operated with a short-hand crew. The steering position has a modern dashboard, with most functions being gathered into an elegant and logical, intuitive layout.

The front window is made of a single piece, with a spectacular double-curved glass fixed to a strong structural frame. An integrated heating film will clear the window of mist at the flick of a switch, providing the person at the wheel with a perfect view at all times. This silent pane-heating solution replaces the noisy fans of the past.

A large, sliding glass skylight has been installed above the driver and passenger seats.

Room in which to spend quality time

The cabin area has a fresh new layout, with quiet sliding doors that create an open and pleasant feeling.

To the fore, there is a beautiful, spacious cabin with a flexible bed layout and plenty of practical storage, making the boat perfect for longer trips. Most of the interior surfaces are covered with a soft textile material, which provides a feeling of comfort and wellbeing.

The aft cabin has a huge, king-size bed, a sofa and a wardrobe. Upholstered walls and large hull windows – both here and in the front cabin – give the cabin area a light and delicate feel. There is plenty of ventilation. In addition, both cabins can be kitted out with a modern entertainment system.

The large bathroom includes a separate shower conversion, plenty of storage and a functional, elegant bathroom design.

A look that stands out

The exterior of the boat makes a strong visual statement. This boat is full of new, fresh design ideas, harmonized with functional details which will delight the most experienced yacht owner. The package is made perfect by a sun pad on the spacious front deck and a large swim platform aft of the cabin.

Pleasure is guaranteed

The boat’s stable hull makes driving and planing easy and leaves little need for trim tabs. This boat is easy to operate, even at high speeds.